Main features of UPA:

■ Wide range of load match with loading transformer

■ compact case, which integrates power and device components

■ the service convenience

■ to meet the sinusoidal form of output currents, it is required to connect a single-phase voltage regulator to the UPA

The device is intended to testing the automatic circuit breakers, the relay protections and other low-impedance curcuits. The device implements a process flowsheet to test automatic overload control systems by primary alternating current. This scheme includes:

● A loading transformer

● A thyristor regulator

● A regulator of the current / time with parameters indication

● The flexible wires

The maximum output load voltage, V (± 10%)3,5; 7,0
When the temperature of wires is no less than 40 °С, the load is 0,45 • 103, output current isn’t less than1, kA (± 10%)4,0
The range of the output current registration:
mode «10Х», А20,0 - 500,0
500,0 - 1000,0
mode «1Х», А200,0 - 4000,0
The range of the time registration (the response time of AB) 20,0 ms - 1000,0 ms
1s - 4h 00m 00s
The limits of error of the measuring, %
output sine current2
the time at interval (100,0-1000,0) ms1
the time at interval 1s - 4 h0,5
Supply voltage (at frequency 50 Hz )2, V380 ± 10%
The threshold of the temperature protection, °C85 ± 10%
Maximum current consumption, isn’t more than, А60
The time of continuous operation when the output current is 1.0 kA3, isn’t more than, h1
The time of continuous operation when the output current is 4.0 kA1, isn’t more than, s8
Overall dimensions (without flexible wires), mm:360х220х360
Weight, kg, isn’t more than (without flexible wires):28


1 – when secondary wires are connected sequentially;

2 – it is acceptable to power the device by the 220V voltage (but output power will be reduced by 3 times;

3 – when secondary wires are connected in parallel.